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What parents are saying about CO Kids

Michelle Pearson

When we found out that Georgina was offering a service to create visual aids and communication charts for children to assist with their learning we jumped at the opportunity. We immediately felt at ease with Georgina as she has many years working as an educator including in the disability and development space and she has kids of her own so she gets it. We had very specific needs for my three year old son who has a lifelong disability. Georgina was kind, understanding, extremely flexible and knowledgeable and created some highly effective tools for my son. The visual aids that she’s created are really helpful for our son to navigate basic personal care tasks, they help him to identify choices around food and play activities and ultimately they help him communicate which has been one of our biggest challenges. 
I must also say that Georgina works very quickly and I’ve been incredibly impressed by how much she gets done in a short amount of time. We’ve been billed thousands of dollars by speechies and DEs to get this kind of thing done and our experience has been much more positive with Collective Order. I highly recommend!


Having Georgina take ideas from my brain and translate it into user-friendly labels, systems & processes for our home has been a game changer. She then arrives and helps set everything up for my autistic little girl to be excited about and engage with. She's a superstar. I can't wait to keep working with her through the years as the needs of our neurodiverse house change. Her experience in childhood education,  neuro-affirming approach and organising superpowers are a match made in heaven for our family.

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